HanWay Select is the speciality film division of HanWay Films, handling a diverse slate of new directors, foreign language, and theatrical documentaries. HanWay Select is dedicated to bringing the best of cinematic storytelling, in all its formats and languages, to an international audience, whatever the platform. Driven by stories and talent their focus is the audience, how to reach it and how to monetiSe it for their clients.

The label also handles one of the largest independent film collections which are being licensed across all platforms, including a wide selection of well-known classics, critical and commercial hits representing a who’s who of the world’s greatest filmmakers: Bernardo Bertolucci, David Cronenberg, Clint Eastwood, Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott and Bob Rafelson amongst many others, in addition to the Jeremy Thomas catalogue, the British Film Institute Collection and the Wim Wenders Collection.

The branding needed to be an evolution and extension of the HanWay brand rather than a completely diverse brand identity. It also needed to be an extension of the HanWay Films brand whilst having it’s own identity, be bold to stand out in a crowded marketplace (quite literally) and be filmmaker friendly, without alienating corporate film buyers.

As a speciality film division collaborating with emerging filmmakers, exciting talent, and experimental forms we looked to reflect the energy of the division to appeal to both filmmakers and broadcasters.