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Moon Redrawn

AllCity Redrawn poster for Moon.
Sam Rockwell illustration by Martin Ansin in collaboration with Mondo.
24″x36″ screen print w/ metallic inks.
Printed by D&L Screen Printing.
Edition of 35 embossed and signed by AllCity.

We have some of the classic GOLD posters left in the archive collection, so...

Redrawn: Let The Right One In

“I tried to do something that represented what the movie meant to me. I focused on Oskar and Eli, since their relationship is at the heart of the movie. As some of the strongest scenes took place outside in isolated wooded areas covered in snow, I thought of having Oskar looking...

Redrawn: Old Joy

“Old Joy is a film about two old friends reconnecting after they have gone down separate paths in life. It’s a very calm and serene film but has an undercurrent of tension between the two friends. With my poster I wanted to reference the nostalgic tone of the film and show the two...

Redrawn: Funny Games

“In order to gain access to a family’s house, a young man asks to borrow eggs which ‘accidentally’ break, setting in motion the events of the movie, Funny Games. The poster illustrates the sinister intention behind the seemingly innocent accident.”

Redrawn: Control

“My drawing is a direct and intuitive response to the film so I chose this strong graphic image, that (for me) manages to represent the film as well as Ian Curtis’ life - hating himself even though everyone around him loved him, hence the mirrored written word “Love”....

Redrawn: Synecdoche NY


“The film was a lot funnier than I was expecting, so I liked the idea of making the main character almost a cartoon ‘Mr Magoo’ type figure, but putting him in the surreal, angst-ridden city that Kaufman created.”

Redrawn: Moon

“I really wanted to make my poster ambiguous, to make all the elements run together, to show how they are all part of a larger purpose, with Sam Bell being the central figure, almost ghosted into the physical world of the space station.”

Redrawn: Bad Lieutenant

“I wanted to design a poster that mirrored the craziness of the film. An image of an unstoppable twisted manic character that has a hint of camp humor. An out of control devil with a smile. The image also references the dancing soul scene from the film.”

Redrawn: Dead Snow

A graphic artist based out of New York. Mainly known for his work in the music and independent T-shirt industry, his work features a style of theatrical themes. Spending more than four years dominating the t-shirt scene, he looks to focus transitioning from the music world to the...

AllCity Redrawn

On the 19th August we held our first private exhibition to help celebrate the opening of our studio and 10 Years of AllCity.

A good turnout of industry colleagues enjoyed an evening of fine wine and even finer artwork from a selection of artists asked to choose a film from our portfolio and...