February 19, 2024

Revisiting Cinematic Brilliance: "City of God" Returns to Theatres

We are excited to unveil a groundbreaking partnership with The Festival Agency (TFA), marking the beginning of our journey to bring the acclaimed film, "City of God," back to global audiences. Together with our sister company AllCity X, this collaboration is dedicated to presenting this celebrated film anew, honouring its lasting impact on cinema.

This strategic partnership marks an evolution in film distribution and marketing strategies, aimed at captivating diverse audiences through innovative approaches. Our aim is to broaden the reach of re-released titles using creative marketing and impactful partnerships, enriching audience experiences and raising awareness of cinematic gems.

Re-releasing A Cult Classic

21st Anniversary Key Art

City of God's re-release in 25 territories from February 23rd marks our inaugural collaboration.

"City of God" stands tall in the cinematic realm, earning its place among the greatest films of all time. Garnering a remarkable rating of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and securing the 25th spot on IMDB's Top 250 List, this epic crime saga captured global attention following its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002. It's impact reverberated through the industry, earning four Academy Award nominations and catapulting Brazilian co-director Fernando Meirelles into the spotlight as a visionary in filmmaking.

Celebrating its 21st anniversary, this re-release presents an opportunity for both avid fans and newcomers to experience this incredible film on the big screen. The film's immersive storytelling and Meirelles' and Lund’s directorial prowess promise an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Our campaign covering 25 territories will feature revamped marketing materials to captivate new audiences. Teaser art, Key art, Trailer, and tailored social media content promise an immersive experience, building anticipation for its re-release and beyond.


To complement this landmark re-release, we have curated a series of unique collaborations and partnerships, set to be unveiled over the coming month.

These initiatives are designed to enrich the audience's journey into the heart of "City of God" and its profound impact on cinematic history. Our first through AllCity X with Clown Skateboards aims to raise funds to support the communities shown in the film.

This year, we are taking a step further by partnering with In Action, Damian Platt, and Ademafia to support The CDD SKATE ARTE project. This initiative aims to raise funds for a variety of activities including classes, sporting and cultural events, workshops, and lectures. The COG Capsule, a product of our partnership, is designed to aid in achieving several vital objectives that are crucial for the social and personal development of participants. These objectives encompass promoting social development, sporting potential, self-esteem recovery, providing a new outlook on life away from crime, accessibility to sports for those in social vulnerability, and offering fun and leisure activities for children living in areas affected by urban warfare.

CDD Skate Arte Rio
Limited Edition - Triptych

Designed by AllCity X, the first piece launched in the collection is a limited edition artwork tryptic - limited to 50 pieces and hand finished. Followed by a couple of single board designs. The pieces will be available from AllCity X direct and select skate stores worldwide. This partnership strives for societal change while honouring the film's enduring impact.

Follow for upcoming announcements as we reintroduce "City of God" to a new generation.

In cinemas from February 23rd.