Knutby (Pray, Obey, Kill)

In January 2004, a woman was found murdered in her bed; the chilling details emerge when the nanny confesses within days claiming that she was told to commit these acts of violence through a series of text messages from God.

Key Art


Social Trailer

Behind The Scenes

We started with stock images for the snow globe, incorporating photos of the model village from the show. However, to make it look more realistic, we decided to build both the snow globe and evidence board from scratch. Working with a 3D modeler in Sweden, we scanned the original model village and used the digital files to 3D-print the houses. Using styrofoam, fake grass, and snow, we created a mini snowy landscape with LED-lit houses in the center, surrounded by miniature people to sit within a purchased snow globe. This, along with our recreated investigation pinboard served as the material for our photos and videos for our artwork and AV assets.

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